High Quality Services

Residential Painting

Zeidan Painting began as a small residential painting company. Since then, we have painted hundreds of homes in the Bay Area. Our love for high-end residential painting has never faded and we continually strive to provide the very best job. As homeowners ourselves, we know how important your home is to you. Thus, our painting staff has been specially trained in this type of painting with emphasis on workmanship and attention to detail.

Commercial Painting

Commercial construction is the other major market in the Bay Area. While expectations are different from both custom home and residential repaints, they are just as challenging. Commercial painting presents tight time frames, difficult site conditions, as well as the demand to complete the project on time and on budget.


Zeidan Painting has emerged in this market able to meet these demands and maintain a higher level of quality than provided by other painting companies. We have experience in painting a wide variety of commercial projects including tenant improvements, tilt-up buildings, multi-story stage projects, strip apartments. We are confident that we can successfully complete any commercial project. 

Custom Homes

For over a decade, we have worked diligently to become the Bay Area's best custom home painting company. Custom Homes are the most difficult type of painting; one that requires extensive knowledge, training and most importantly, skill. The ability to apply all types of finishes - paint, stain, varnishes, and lacquers - is mandatory.